RYA Instructor Training

At Torbay Sea School we have trained many RYA Instructors who have gone on to instruct with us, other RYA training centres or as freelance instructors. During the course of your general RYA training you will have gained all the skills necessary to sail, motor or power boat with confidence to a high standard. The following courses consolidate all those skills and give you the tools required to instruct others to gain their RYA qualifications. You will be able to utilise our Instructors experience and our boats/equipment to feel at ease with instructing others.

Pre-Assessment for Powerboat Instructor

A practical assessment with one of our RYA instructors, which takes approximately half a day. We take you through the skills you have already gained and assess whether your knowledge is at the required level for the Power Boat Instructor courses.
This is a mandatory course at least two weeks before commencing the PBI courses, ensuring that you and the Instructors are happy and confident with your skills.


RYA Powerboat Instructor

This is a specialist course to produce a Powerboat Instructor who is competent, experienced and has been trained to teach powerboating up to Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal or Chief Instructor of a recognised centre.

It is 3 days long; on the 1st and 2nd day the course will be split equally between the classroom and out on the water, instructing all modules as found in the RYA G20 Powerboat logbook. The 3rd day will be moderated by a second powerboat trainer. This is a quality control system to ensure the quality of the standards within the RYA.

The syllabus consists of: principles of practical instruction, lesson planning, teaching styles, use of questioning, preparation and use of visual aids, assessment of students' learning, explanation and presentation of theory subjects, the structure of the scheme, planning progressive teaching sessions, preparation of boats and equipment, teaching methods to Level 2.

Candidates should have logged at least five seasons' experience of powerboating, preferably in a range of boat types and sizes. Candidates will be at least 16 years old, hold the RYA's Level 2 powerboat certificate and a valid first aid certificate.

The pre-assessment is designed to ensure you are ready for your Power Boat Instructors course. You need to be familiar with the powerboat level 2 syllabus, and be prepared to give a short brief on any off the subjects within it. You will also be expected to demonstrate you boat handling ability.

Instructor certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.


RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor

A 2 day course for Powerboat Instructors (aged 17+) looking to advance their instructions level to include the Advanced and Intermediate Powerboat courses. The course builds on the command, teaching and communication skills all introduced at Powerboat Instructor level which will have been solidified by experience running courses. The course covers how to coach and train all aspects of the Advanced Powerboat course including safe command of a vessel at day and night, meteorology, Collision Regulations, Emergency situations and search patterns, and use of engines. The course is a mix of theory and practical.

Course Pre-Requisites

To do this course you will need the following certificates: First Aid certificate, Powerboat Instructor (with logged teaching hours), Advanced Powerboat course completion certificate, one of the following Certifiates of Competnce with a valid commercial endorsement; Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Completence, RYA Yachtmasterâ„¢ Coastal (Power) Certificate of Competence, or RYA Yachtmasterâ„¢ Offshore (Power) Certifcate of Competence (Instructors who do not hold a valid commercial endorsement will only be able to teach Intermediate Powerboat).

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